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There is no person that does not benefit from a more respectful, responsible and courteous interaction. Each participant will gain something. At minimum, you both will be left feeling good about the interaction itself. At best, you will be much more likely to have accomplished your goals, whatever those may be.

Specifically tailored for business professionals, our professional etiquette section will guide you through business-specific situations.

A professional and poised demeanor will help you to make a lasting impression, enhance your communication skills, gain and display confidence, and distinguish yourself. Whether a boardroom meeting, presentation to management, a party at the boss', a business lunch or a golf outing with clients, be prepared for any situation.

Requires All-Occasion Etiquette Course as a prerequisite.

The purpose of this course is not, per se, to get your child to know which fork to use. That in and of itself is hardly of consequence. What you are striving for is to rear a sociable, charming young man or lady with admirable qualities who is confident and prepared as he or she goes through life. Some people even call this ìthe gift;î that is, the gift of good manners.

Requires All-Occasion Etiquette Course as a prerequisite.