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Special Events

I advise high end clients on their social engagements. Whenever I need specialized information I know I can get it from The Etiquette Project. They're fantastic.
Ray E., Professional coach, Dallas

Formal Events Advanced courses are for specific situations which require specialized knowledge. Many of us do not encounter such functions in our everyday social dealings, however when we do find ourselves invited to such events we should be assured we are familiar with customs, decorum and protocol necessary to make the evening a success.

Etiquette for the following events available:

Conference Abroad
  • Formal Balls
  • Embassy Functions
  • Homes with Staff
  • Visits to Country Estates
  • Opera Openings and other Social Season Events
  • Yachting or other Boating Activities
  • Horse Races
  • Golf
  • Coming Soon – International customs by country!
    Be prepared for a trip anywhere.

  • Other events under development.

Contact us for details.

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