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Our on-line etiquette school is the most comprehensive available.

Us We provide detailed information on etiquette by covering a wide range of topics and by guiding you through most any situation. We offer traditional, proper etiquette guidelines anchored in what is acceptable in modern times.

Historically, etiquette was not taught in public; it was learned in private at your home. Our on-line courses can be accessed in the privacy and comfort of your home or office at your leisure, not in a public setting.

Us Courses are presented in clearly written text format with photos and images to demonstrate all key points. A test is included at the conclusion of each course to help reinforce what was dicussed. Completion certifications are provided. A summary of the main points from each course is provided for easy future reference.

All courses include follow-up questions/advice for four weeks.

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We Also Offer:
Custom Coursework and Seminars
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What Makes Our Courses Different From Others?

Traditional With a Modern Twist - Anchored in Tradition, Modern in its Appeal

Men are striving to be gentlemen again, and women are striving to be ladies for a variety of reasons – professional, personal, family. But many of the etiquette books have overemphasized the modern in their need to be "relevant" and thus are abandoning their roots. The "anything goes" and "do your own thing" attitude is part of today's problem. People are looking for some civility. Our courses are firmly steeped in tradition yet updated for today's realities.

Focus On The Subject

Many etiquette courses are conducted by "motivational trainers" and the like. While they may touch on some points of etiquette, many of these are more personality dynamics courses. Likewise, public seminars are often in a generic format and don't provide individualized attention. Our on line etiquette school focuses entirely on the subject matter and you, not on ourselves.

Clearly Organized And Easy To Read

No more fussing through guides and books, signing up for seminars, or trying to remember details. We've done it all for you here. In an easy to understand format, you will have no trouble understanding everything you need to know. Further, whatever you need elaborated upon you will be entitled to follow-up questions/advice for a month.

Thoroughly Researched And Backed By Experience

With our backgrounds and experience we have been practicing etiquette for generations in our homes, work places and in public. We further utilize an extensive reference library so that all course information is thoroughly researched.

The Most Comprehensive Web-Based Etiquette Courses At A Fraction Of The Price

Most etiquette training is in person done over a weekend at a "seminar" or "class." We feel you can learn much more with repeated access to the information at your own pace in the privacy and comfort of your home. Our coursework is more extensive than any other on-line offering and than most seminars, at a fraction of the price. A great investment in yourself or in your organization.

Not A "Format" Or "Franchise" Course

Many etiquette seminars and courses are franchised or distributed in a "multi level" scheme. These courses follow a format and the trainers may or may not have extensive background in the subject matter. Ours is developed entirely in house and tailored for specific situations.

Personalized Service

You will have four week access to our personalized etiquette consulting following your course. Ongoing etiquette consulting available. Contact us for details.

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