The Etiquette Project

Why Etiquette Is Important?

In an Increasingly Rude World…

We have to start with ourselves. The more of us who make ourselves better people, a better place the world becomes. The whole point of etiquette was that it was meant to make those around us feel comfortable. Bringing back even a little bit of that will benefit everybody.

We need an edge – socially and professionally

Etiquette will help you conduct yourself with dignity and confidence in any situation and will allow you to distinguish yourself. Think of the last person who really impressed you. Chances are they did an excellent job of engaging you and making you feel comfortable. This is the purpose of etiquette.

It helps us to feel at ease in every situation…

Etiquette frees you from worry about what to do or say, when to arrive, how to act. This allows you to feel more confident and relaxed.

…and makes others feel comfortable as well

The rationale behind every etiquette guideline is to make those around us feel comfortable. A little of that goes a long way.

It’s like a language which binds people together

Imagine if every person we interacted with spoke a different language. Well, without etiquette, we are doing that to a certain extent. With no common customs or behaviors based on respect and civility, society becomes frayed and stressful. Let’s start to change that.

Be Distinguished, not Conspicuous

Today, people so often rely upon possessions or outlandish behavior to attract attention or to display their “status” to others. But one of the tenants of etiquette was not to draw undue attention to one’s self. I know this is at odds with today’s generation of doing everything they can to stand out. Traditionally, one distinguished oneself through good taste, manners, achievements and making others feel at ease. Quite simply, we believe that’s how it should still be.

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