The Etiquette Project

Hospitality and Travel Professionals

Guests were abusing the privileges and not being respectful in our club lounge. The Etiquette Project helped us develop a discrete code of conduct to leave on display outlining rules of use. They were tastefully presented and did not offend any of our guests. It has solved almost all of our issues!
Dan R., Corporate Hospitality Client

Greeting Guests Enough is enough. Anyone who has flown or been at a hotel recently knows that guests and travelers seem to be increasingly difficult and disrespectful, even at high-end establishments. In sharing public space we must get back to a place where we respect others in our presence.

We provide etiquette guidelines for hotel guests and airline travelers. We balance the needs of individuals, families, and the companies which host them.

Concerned that you would offend someone by posting conduct guidelines? You may include these in your hotel compendium, condominium CC&Rs, seatback pocket, etc. Have your primary bookers or travel agents include your etiquette guideline in their distribution of materials. Or incorporate on your website, as part of terms and conditions.

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