The Etiquette Project

Custom Training and Materials for Corporations

I had to create an off site for our senior executives. Mark developed a fantastic and unique set of conduct guidelines to guide us through some specialized exercises and other activities. The guidelines supported the overall objectives of the event and it definitely contributed to the overall success of the meeting.
Diane R., Corporate H.R. Client

Etiquette is part of a foundation of all good business practices. Respectful and tolerant workplace, superior customer service and solid client relations can all be achieved through development of employee etiquette. We develop custom training and development programs and workplace guidelines for your corporation or organization.

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Programs include:

  • Workplace Etiquette And Ethics

    • Workplace integrity and ethics training
    • Generalized etiquette training
    • Setting organizational or event rules and codes of conduct
  • Customer Service Etiquette

    • Essential courtesies
    • Proper forms of address and greeting
    • Telephone manners and etiquette
    • "Etiquette audit"
  • Diversity Training

    • Religious diversity – understanding the differences
    • Ethnic diversity - understanding different nationalities
    • Age differences – bridging the gaps
    • Special Needs Workshops – tolerance for those with disabilities
  • Continuing Education Programs

    • Skills development
    • Managerial improvement
  • Green Etiquette For The Office

    • Agreeing on objectives
    • Managing resistance or different opinions
    • Doing the right thing
  • Etiquette For Entertaining

    • Proper event planning and dignified execution
    • Managing different needs in event planning for both employees and clients
  • International (Coming Soon)

    • Customs and protocol for specific global destinations
    • Chinese etiquette offered
    • Different cultures and customs training

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