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Green Etiquette

Green Living. Clean Living. Some of us are more conscious than others of the impact our choices make on the environment. In shared situations, this often leads to awkward or difficult moments. Learn how to make your preferences and choices clear without offending others. Also offers a "green primer" to advise you on the most important green issues. It's time we show respect for the environment also!

Pet Etiquette

Pet Etiquette We love our companion animals more than ever, and want them to accompany us wherever we go. This need not be a problem. A few simple common sense guidelines and you and your companion animal will be welcome anywhere!

Spa, Gym & Trainer Etiquette

Things are out of hand at the spa and gym. People on cell phones, hogging machines, or talking too loud in the saunas! Learn to make these experiences more enjoyable for everyone.

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