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Family Etiquette

This course was so helpful for us to teach our children confidence, manners and respect for others. I highly recommend this to any family interested in helping their children succeed!
Jane and Russel W., Eugene, OR

Instill Character, Confidence and Respect Early

Family At a time when society seems to reward the most outrageous behavior, how do we even begin to instill in our children those qualities which we know will enhance their characters. We offer a comprehensive etiquette training kit for families.

Much more than just manners for children, our etiquette coursework for families focuses on developing social skills and breeding character in young people. The subject matter is designed to build confidence and esteem, Formal Dining impart the values of cooperative relationships and equip the entire family with the tools necessary for social and community success. In an increasingly competitive and rude world, these skills will provide your children and whole family with an advantage to excel in every situation.

Every young person will benefit from a little dignity, charm and confidence!

The course covers:

  • Addressing Adults
  • Basic Courtesies
  • Proper Table Manners
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Writing Thank You Notes
  • Family Time
  • Time Away From Home
  • Attire And Appearance
  • Computer Use
  • Rules, Boundaries
  • Respect, Deference
  • Common Sense/Safety
  • Feeling Comfortable With New Situations
  • Esteem And Confidence Building
  • Sportsmanship
  • Neatness
  • Cooperation
  • Ethics And Honor
  • Dating
  • Discretion and Privacy

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