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Executive Etiquette

I gained so much confidence from this course. It taught me how to interact with bosses, colleagues and customers. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to succeed!
Daniel P., New York

Business etiquette for the polished executive!

Professional Interviews Specifically tailored for business professionals, our professional etiquette section will guide you through business-specific situations. A professional and poised demeanor will help you to make a lasting impression, enhance your communication skills, Business Travel gain and display confidence, and distinguish yourself. Whether a boardroom meeting, presentation to management, a party at the boss', a business lunch or a golf outing with clients, be prepared for any situation. Requires All-Occasion Course as a prerequisite.

The course covers:

  • Interview Guidelines
  • Introductions/Forms Of Address
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Office Space/Workplace Etiquette
  • Communications Etiquette – Telephone, E-mail, Internet
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Work Social Events
  • Professional Social Occasions
  • Office Occasions/Gift-Giving
  • Networking
  • Social Occasions/Small Talk
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Name Exchanges
  • Customer/Client Entertaining
  • Entertaining – Clients, Colleagues, Superiors
  • Toasts
  • Grooming/Dress/Wardrobe
  • Dealing With Unethical Or Unpleasant People

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