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Introductions Who amongst us has not, at one time or another, needed a little advice or coaching for ourselves, our families, or our organizations on how to handle certain situations or events? When we turn to books they are complicated or seem either outdated or too generic; when we turn to coaches they are not versed in what we need; and when we look for courses we are forced into public situations which we cannot necessarily commit the time or are not suited for.

The Etiquette Project offers a solution. We are an etiquette education and consulting group bringing on-line courses and customized coursework, seminars and materials on etiquette to individuals and organizations.

Etiquette can be defined as an agreed upon set of social customs designed to make those around you feel at ease and, similarly, make a good impression and statement as to who you are. Etiquette is not simply "manners," but social tools dating back generations which are timeless in their good taste and execution. We can all benefit from being more knowledgeable Man At A Podium about decorum, protocol and customs at the right time.

In an increasingly competitive world, conducting oneself in a dignified and confident manner provides the edge needed in any setting, whether professional, social or recreational. Mastering the proper protocol for both everyday and important occasions will allow you to be your best, whether interviewing with a potential employer, impressing a date, dining with a prospective client, meeting a spouse-to-be's parents, mingling at a cocktail party, or just in everyday life.

Traditionally, etiquette was learned in the household; it was not taught in a public setting. Our online courses replicate this by allowing you to access our class in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home. Our courses are the most comprehensive available, cover most any occasion you will encounter and are offered at a very reasonable price. Learn what makes our on-line courses different. We offer on-line courses for individuals, families and professionals.

We also serve the corporate community by providing group and individual seminars, custom courses and ongoing coaching and advice. Our courses and materials are customized to suit your organization's specific needs and support its overall strategy.

We are a group of dedicated professionals with extensive background and qualifications in hospitality, diplomacy, international business, education, etiquette training and entertaining. We are your etiquette experts for any situation. Read more on our qualifications and read what our customers and students have to say about our courses.

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