The Etiquette Project

Our Qualifications

Experience and Background

Mark Charles has 20 years experience as an international business consultant specializing in cross-border transactions and organizational development. His experience has included meeting, working, and negotiating with international businesspeople, government officials and diplomats in over 50 countries. Mr. Charles has worked extensively in priming clients in international protocol and etiquette for professional and social occasions.

Our advisory board is comprised of group of professionals and educators with as many as 60 years of experience in relevant social and professional settings. Our board maintains a wide range of relevant specialties which bring valuable experience to our course content.

Our board collectively includes experience in business, education, human resources, planning of social and charity events, five-star hospitality, corporate training and diplomacy.

Our Resources

In addition to the years of personal and professional experiences in the area of international business, hospitality, diplomacy and education, we possess an extensive reference library including the "classics," the U.S. State Department's guide for the diplomatic service; British guides for diplomats, and other reference materials.

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